Timber Resources

Beasley Forest Products is in close proximity to an abundant supply of hardwood bottoms.  We are within 5 miles of 3 major rivers: the Oconee, the Ocmulgee, and the Altamaha.  In addition, our logging basin includes several other nearby river systems:  the Savannah, the Flint, the Ohoopee, the Ogeechee, and the Satilla rivers.  Our strategic location to these river systems allows us access to an excellent supply of hardwood year round.

Beasley Forest Products has a 15 acre wet yard to ensure that the mill will be able to operate during extended periods of wet weather.  This inventory could sustain the mill's logging needs for up to 3 months.

Beasley Forest Products is committed to sound management principles that will guarantee the future of our forests.  All of our foresters and loggers are certified in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative's Master Timber Harvesting program.