Logging Mats

Beasley Forest Products - Logging Mats


Beasley Forest Products manufactures standard logging mats that are specifically designed to be handled by logging equipment. Each mat is designed with a reinforced slotted area which allows knuckle boom loaders or skidders to move the mats with ease. The logging mats are 16’ in length. The logging mats are made out of 5/4 oak which are bolted together to provide extra stability. Beasley Forest Products uses these logging mats with all their hardwood logging operations. The purpose of the logging mats is to allow loggers to keep their trucks running during wet conditions.

Beasley Forest Products is now manufacturing a single layer Reinforced Logging Mat. The Reinforced Logging Mats are 4 ft. wide which removes the need for an oversize permit when transporting the mats. Reinforced Logging Mats are one solid layer which puts less wear on the vehicles using the mat and also gives the mat a longer life expectancy. Reinforced Logging Mats are the longest lasting logging mats available on the market today. 

Available Sizes

Construction:  2-Ply

  • Thickness: 3"
  • Width:  10'
  • Length 16'

Reinforced Logging Mats

  • Thickness: 8"
  • Width: 4'
  • Length: 12'