Certifications & Affiliations

Beasley Forest Products is committed to sound management principles that will guarantee the future of our forests.  We are proud to require all of our foresters and loggers be trained in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative's Master Harvesting program.

Practically no wood product is wasted.  Nothing ends up in the landfill because we are always looking for ways to introduce green technology into our production.  Beasley Forest Products supports the landscaping industry with products made from tree bark and our sawdust and wood chips are used to generate energy. 

Since we believe in supporting an on-going relationship with the pipeline industry, Beasley Forest Products is proud to maintain associate memberships with the following PLCA (Pine Line Contractors Association), APCA (American Pipeline Contractors) and the Houston Pipeliners Association.

  • Southern Cypress
  • Hardwood Manufacturers Association
  • National Hardwood Lumber Association
  • Georgia Master Timber Harvester
  • Southeastern Wood Producers Association
  • North American Wholesale Lumber Association