Beasley Forest Products is North America’s premier producer of matting products for the energy transmission, utility and construction industries. At Beasley Forest Products we produce a full line of hardwood mats to include crane mats, bridge mats, laminated mats, oilfield mats, and various specialized mats. Our mats, as well as our skids, are produced from hardwood harvested throughout the state of Georgia and parts of Alabama, South Carolina and Florida.

Being the largest hardwood sawmill in the U.S. provides us with the real advantage of controlling our raw material supply to Guarantee a Variety Of Quality Products Delivered in a Timely Manner. Our standard line of products includes hardwood mats, hardwood grade lumber, crossties and pallet lumber.

For many years, Beasley has been the leader in the manufacture of hardwood mats. In addition, we also control the largest pool of used mats in North America. While we manufacture timber mats, bridge mats, laminated mats and skids routinely, we also produce custom-made mats to meet our customer’s individual needs. At Beasley, we’re very proud of our quality mats, and we stand by each of the mats we produce each day.

We also make a substantial number of crossties and switch ties for the railroad industry. For the shipping industry, we offer a wide variety of pallet products including cants, stringers and cut stock of various widths and dimensions. Another key product is premium hardwood grade lumber manufactured from red oak, white oak, poplar, cypress and ash timber.

At Beasley Forest Products, we provide wood products that meet and exceed your needs.