Interlocking Mats

Beasley Forest Products - Interlocking Mats Beasley Forest Products - Interlocking Mats

Beasley Forest Products interlocking oiled mats use the proven laminate design to evenly distribute load, providing a safe and stable area for constructing, drilling and fracking oil and natural gas wells.

This patented design has been used throughout North America, Canada and South America to efficiently and safely produce wells in the wettest of conditions. With Beasley mats you won’t lose any valuable drilling or construction time because of a wet pad site. Once the pad is leveled, the mats can be placed directly on the soil eliminating the need for any scoria or other fill material. Without the fill material, the pad site becomes a much more level and safe work area. The use of our oilfield mats eliminates trucks and equipment rutting the pad during wet times.

Also, reclamation is much less expensive with the elimination of scoria and fill. You simply remove the mats and plant the ground cover. Because of this, landowners appreciate having their land quickly being put back into production, plus, our oilfield mats will improve your bottom line by bringing wells into production faster, safer and more efficiently.

The mats are constructed in our state-of-the-art facility from hardwood timber harvested by our crews and sawn in the Beasley Forest Products mill. We oversee all aspects of the mat construction from the raw material to the loading of the finished product. And with our rail siding and extensive trucking relationships, our mats are delivered on time, anywhere. By using the strongest materials and controlling the entire process, you are assured of the highest quality, best-built mat available.