Grade Lumber

Beasley Forest Products works in combination with Thompson Hardwoods, Inc. to provide quality Southern hardwood and cypress lumber and wood products.  Our products include:

  • Kiln Dried Southern Hardwood & Cypress Lumber
  • Architectural & Industrial Timbers
  • Pallet Lumber
  • Crane Mat Timbers
  • Railroad Cross Ties
  • Hardwood and Pine Pulp Chips
  • Hardwood & Cypress Mulch Products

We provide quality service with a knowledgeable team that’s dedicated to our customer’s needs:

  • Export lumber package preparation
  • Lumber Grading & Width Sorting
  • Millwork, Paneling Patterns & Surfacing
  • Container, Rail & Domestic Flatbed Shipping
  • Custom Pallet Stock Lumber Stock
  • Custom Architectural Oak & Cypress Timbers
  • ARR Cross Tie, Switch Tie Grades
  • Domestic & Export Hardwood & Pine Pulp Chipping